Support for your family

Perhaps you'd like to help your parent or other relative with a home change but just live too far away, or are unable to spare the time due to other commitments?

Change to a home environment for a parent or older family member in later life can be stressful, complicated and time-consuming not only for them, but also for those close to them.  At Moving On, our priority is to provide a practical and professional approach, not only to the individual who may be moving, but also to you as a family member, and to offer friendly support when it’s needed. 


Helping someone sort through a lifetime’s possessions to decide what to take and what not to take can take many hours, deciding how to deal with unwanted items is time-consuming – should it be donated to a charity shop, or should it be sold and if so, how?  Meeting with estate agents, organising removals and packers, un-packing items at the new home and preparing it for arrival – these are all tasks which require a huge amount of planning and time, and are all carried out whilst probably providing emotional support for those who are moving. 


We all know that many people already lead busy lives, possibly some distance from relatives, and are possibly juggling family, work and other commitments.  


This is where Moving On can help – we can act as a central, trusted and professional co-ordinator.  We specialise in helping older adults to downsize, relocate or re-organise their home.  Whatever the scenario, we can help to take this task off your shoulders, and can do this in a practical, professional way, with compassion and sensitivity.


Here are some of the ways in which we can help your parent or family member:


Downsizing & relocation

  • advise on ‘staging’ their home to maximise value
  • help them to de-clutter their home, or part of it (help with sorting, decision-making, packing & disposal of unwanted items either by donation, selling or removal, etc)
  • co-ordinate decorators at either their current or new home
  • help find suitable estate agents
  • co-ordinate removals
  • co-ordinate packing at their current home
  • un-pack at their new home & arrange it ready for arrival
  • co-ordinate utilities (gas, electric etc)
  • co-ordinate address change notifications
  • support during the move day
  • organise travel requirements on move day
  • research a new area/compilation of ‘Information Pack’
  • help them organise their paperwork, & create a “Putting Things in Order” file which assembles important documents, personal and professional information in one place for emergency reference
  • advising on space-planning

All this is done whilst remaining compassionate and sensitive throughout.  Perhaps your parent has a memory problem, perhaps their sight is worsening, perhaps they have recently suffered the loss of a loved one.  We will make ourselves aware of any of these issues, and will treat them with care, respect & sensitivity. 


Whatever your situation, we can act as a central trusted, professional, caring and understanding co-ordinator during this process.

Please feel free to contact us, we can offer practical help, and emotional support.