Support for you

Perhaps you'd like some help with a home change but feel slightly over-whelmed at the prospect of co-ordinating and carrying this out yourself? 

Change to a home environment is usually stressful complicated and time-consuming.  At Moving On, our priority is to offer a practical and professional approach to your home change, together with emotional support for you when you need it. 


If you are considering down-sizing or relocating you may have someone to help you through this process – an ‘older child’, or close family friend.  On the other hand, you may find that those people who would like to help you simply can’t due to distance, work/family commitments or health issues.  Or perhaps you may not want the help of family or friends as you’d like to maintain your independence.


Whether you’ve been planning your move for a while, or a situation has forced this change upon you, it’s still a big step to take and there’s always a lot to plan & co-ordinate.  You may be downsizing to a flat, moving to a retirement home, or moving to a new area to be closer to family.


Whatever your situation, we can act as a central trusted, professional, caring and understanding co-ordinator for this process.


At Moving On, we are able to help you in the following ways as part of your move:


  • de-cluttering your home (eg sorting, packing, selling or removal, etc)
  • advising on ‘staging’ a home prior to sale
  • finding suitable estate agents
  • co-ordinating decorators
  • co-ordinating removals company
  • co-ordinating packing up of current home
  • un-packing & arranging your new home
  • co-ordinating utilities
  • co-ordinating address change notifications
  • supporting you during the move day (arranging travel etc)
  • organising travel arrangements for you on day of move
  • research your new area/compilation of ‘Information Pack’
  • help you organise your paperwork
  • advising on space-planning 


We can help smooth the move process and ease this burden.

Please feel free to contact us, we can offer practical help, and emotional support.