For professionals

Perhaps you have a customer who would benefit from some sort of home change but who does not have family who can help, or wishes to retain some degree of independence? 

As specialists in downsizing & relocation for older adults, we are able to offer benefits to the following business sectors by easing a stressful process for your clients and enabling them to concentrate on other important matters:


Care providers

We can help you support your clients or patients by:



Property agents

In order to prepare your clients’ property for sale and make this process as smooth as possible for both you and them we can help by:



Financial & legal profession

There may be clients who, as part of a wider programme of advice, may benefit from some change to their home situation, but are unable to put this into action as the task is too big for them.  We can help by:



Other professions & service providers

There are many other professions and service providers who may come across clients who would benefit from some co-ordinated help with a move or house change - whether you are a Funeral Director, Removals company or an age-related charity or organisation, we can help older people avoid the stress and complication of these situations.  We can help by:


Please feel free to contact us, we can offer practical help & emotional support.