Code of ethics

At Moving On, we believe in providing a high-quality & ethical service to all our clients & we take our code of ethics very seriously.  We adhere to a strict code which is in line with the standards governed by NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers*) of which we are a member.  All Moving On staff are trained according to the following high standards:



Our first duty is loyalty to the individual in transition.  We will always provide services and recommendations based on his or her needs and concerns, with respect for our client’s belongings & life expectations.



We will honour our clients’ feelings & perspectives and respect their right to determine their futures.  If we decide to end our services to our client, we will recommend other providers from whom he or she may receive assistance.



We will keep confidential any confidence that we are given or that we may learn.  We will disclose information to others only with our client’s permission or if we are compelled to do so by a belief that our client or other individuals will be seriously harmed by our silence.  We will not use confidential information to benefit Moving On.



We will strive to ensure co-operation among all individuals involved in providing services to our clients.



We will offer services only in those areas for which we are qualified and will accurately represent those qualifications both verbally & in writing.  When unable or unqualified to fulfil requests for services, we will recommend other qualified professionals.



We will refer our clients only to services and organisations that we believe are competent and appropriate to address their needs.



We will treat our clients with respect and compassion.  We will respect our clients’ belongings, whatever their condition or material value, and will value their life experiences.



We will take responsibility & accountability for our actions and for the actions of our employees or individuals presented as part of Moving On.  We will assume responsibility to learn about & comply with all laws that pertain to our business.



We will serve our clients with integrity, competence & objectivity.  We will accurately represent our services, both verbally & in writing to ensure full transparency.  We will communicate our fees in advance & will provide written documentation that describes our services to be provided and our charging methodology.



We will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.



We will further our knowledge through continuing education.