Moving at 90?

Certainly not an easy task, especially if you have no family to take on the project for you ....


Our client needed to clear her detached home filled with many years’ possessions following a move to a care home - a difficult task for anyone, but particularly challenging and emotional for someone in their 90’s who lacks mobility, who has no family able to help, and who would not be present throughout the process. 

What we achieved

On a practical level, a once-full home was carefully, systematically and sympathetically sorted and emptied having maximised the value of any saleable items, donated many possessions to local charities, and made sure our client retained all the items she wished to keep.


 On a personal level, our client, with no family to help, was eased of the stress of this huge task, remained in control of all decisions, and was finally able to proceed with the sale of her property. 

Our approach

To offer good, clear communication:  discussions were always carried out with compassion, we gave clear written plans, and provided regular updates to our client via regular phone-calls and visits


To act with sensitivity:  we knew that our client was understandably upset at having to leave her house, and were conscious of this throughout – we made sure that return visits to the home were not rushed, and that all decisions regarding her possessions were honoured and treated with respect


To be practical:  we offered real ‘on the ground’ help – sorting through possessions, packing items for collection, arranging for the auction of valuable items, arranging transport, and overseeing clearance


To be professional:  we worked alongside auction houses, charities, estate agents and solicitors, keeping necessary parties informed along the way, and keeping all communication/correspondence clear and efficient


To act in the interest of our client:  when carrying out all aspects of our work.