Case study:  project management support for busy professional


Our client, a busy professional, was tasked with the sale of her late parents’ family home which meant that all possessions needed to either be moved, disposed of or stored prior to completion date.  Being located about a 3 hour drive away meant that she was unable to be available for the usual appointments during the week and therefore required external help from Moving On in acting as a trusted on-the-ground partner.

Our approach

We were brought in to project manage this process and to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for our client when she was unable to be present:


  • We compiled detailed inventory lists of all possessions which were either to be stored, disposed of or removed to one of two further properties
  • We arranged and met with removal and house clearance companies at the property in our client’s absence to gain quotes
  • We carried out research as regards options for local storage solutions
  • We provided all quotations to the client in a clear and concise format so enable quick decision-making
  • We were on hand to oversee the packing up and removal of all possessions to two other properties
  • We were on hand to oversee the final clearance process and to ensure the house was ready for completion date


The results

We were able to reduce our client’s stress by co-ordinating the detail for removal, packing and storage and by being on hand to help in practical ways on removal and clearance days.  This meant that our client could rest easy that the situation was being fully-managed in her absence, and remained fully supported throughout the process.

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