Case study:  practical help and sensitive support


Our client, an elderly gentleman, was moving into a 1-bed suite in a care home from his family home of many years.  He was understandably anxious about his move.  


How we helped:

We were asked to support our client and his daughter in the following ways:

  • care home suite and furniture measurement
  • assisting with decisions as to which furniture should be taken and how this could best be arranged in his new suite
  • booking removals
  • co-ordinating and overseeing removals on move day
  • receiving, unpacking and arranging the furniture prior to the client's arrival the following day

It was important to make the client's new space as welcoming and homely as possible, recreating his previous home set-up in his new space, as well as to support his family members through such a sensitive and busy time.


The result

Having been apprehensive about his move, our client was very pleased when he saw his new rooms.  All the furniture that he wanted to take with him had fitted in well without cluttering the space unnecessarily.  His daughter was pleased to have had some personal support through a difficult time and was grateful to have been able to spend time with her father while we concentrated on the practicalities of the move itself.


We're so glad that our service was able to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible and that our client felt happy to see his new home!  He has since settled in very well and seems very content - a truly great result.