case studies

We have worked on a wide-range of projects for a variety of clients - we have expanded on a small selection of case studies below which show examples of just some of the scenarios we can help out with.  For a full range of our services please click here.

case study 1


Our client needed to clear her detached home filled with many years’ possessions following a move to a care home - a difficult task for anyone, but particularly challenging and emotional for someone in their 90’s who lacks mobility, who has no family able to help, and who would not be present throughout the process. 

Our approach

  • To offer good, clear communication:  discussions were always carried out with compassion, we gave clear written plans, and provided regular updates to our client via regular phone-calls and visit
  • To act with sensitivity:  we knew that our client was understandably upset at having to leave her house, and were conscious of this throughout – we made sure that return visits to the home were not rushed, and that all decisions regarding her possessions were honoured and treated with respect
  • To be practical:  we offered real ‘on the ground’ help – sorting through possessions, packing items for collection, arranging for the auction of valuable items, arranging transport, and overseeing clearance                     
  • To be professional:  we worked alongside auction houses, charities, estate agents and solicitors, keeping necessary parties informed along the way, and keeping all communication/correspondence clear and efficient
  • To act in the interest of our client:  when carrying out all aspects of our work.

The results

On a practical level, a once-full home was carefully, systematically and sympathetically sorted and emptied having maximised the value of any saleable items, donated many possessions to local charities, and made sure our client retained all the items she wished to keep.

On a personal level, our client, with no family to help, was eased of the stress of this huge task, remained in control of all decisions, and was finally able to proceed with the sale of her property. 

case study 2


Our client, a busy professional, was tasked with the sale of her late parents’ family home which meant that all possessions needed to either be moved, disposed of or stored prior to completion date.  Being located about a 3 hour drive away meant that she was unable to be available for the usual appointments during the week and therefore required external help from Moving On in acting as a trusted on-the-ground partner.

Our approach: 

  • We were brought in to project manage this process and to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for our client when she was unable to be present:                                                 
  • We compiled detailed inventory lists of all possessions which were either to be stored, disposed of or removed to one of two further properties
  • We arranged and met with removal and house clearance companies at the property in our client’s absence to gain quotes
  • We carried out research as regards options for local storage solutions
  • We provided all quotations to the client in a clear and concise format so enable quick decision-making
  • We were on hand to oversee the packing up and removal of all possessions to two other properties
  • We were on hand to oversee the final clearance process and to ensure the house was ready for completion date

The results

We were able to reduce our client’s stress by co-ordinating the detail for removal, packing and storage and by being on hand to help in practical ways on removal and clearance days.  This meant that our client could rest easy that the situation was being fully-managed in her absence, and remained fully supported throughout the process.

case study 3


Our client, an elderly gentleman, was moving into a 1-bed suite in a care home from his family home of many years.  He was understandably anxious about his move.  


Our approach:

We were asked to support our client and his daughter in the following ways:

  • care home suite and furniture measurement
  • assisting with decisions as to which furniture should be taken and how this could best be arranged in his new suite
  • booking removals
  • co-ordinating and overseeing removals on move day
  • receiving, unpacking and arranging the furniture prior to the client's arrival the following day

It was important to make the client's new space as welcoming and homely as possible, recreating his previous home set-up in his new space, as well as to support his family members through such a sensitive and busy time.


The result

Having been apprehensive about his move, our client was very pleased when he saw his new rooms.  All the furniture that he wanted to take with him had fitted in well without cluttering the space unnecessarily.  His daughter was pleased to have had some personal support through a difficult time and was grateful to have been able to spend time with her father while we concentrated on the practicalities of the move itself.


Our client felt that this process was as smooth and stress-free as possible and was very happy to see his new home.  He has since settled in well and seems very content - a truly great result.

case study 4


Moving over the busy Christmas period can add extra complications, so our role was to make this process for our clients, a married couple in their 80’s, as relaxed, efficient and smooth as possible.  They were moving from their family home of over 40 years (filled with many years’ possessions and collections) into an apartment in local Senior Living accommodation.  Timescales were short – 13 days from our initial client meeting to move-in date, including the Christmas break in-between. 


Our role was initially twofold – Phase 1) to quickly co-ordinate our clients’ move into their new apartment and Phase 2) to assist their family member in dealing with the remaining items in their family house & preparing it for sale in as short a timeframe as possible.  Subsequently, it became necessary to re-visit our clients' living accommodation due to their changing needs during Phase 3.  

Our approach:

Phase 1:  we supported our clients in choosing which furniture & possessions to take with them and assisted with this practical process, we co-ordinated all removal/packing services, co-ordinated and managed moving day, and provided a full same-day un-packing/settling in service at their new apartment to ensure a comfortable first night – beds made, cupboards arranged, kitchen area functioning and cushions plumped!  This was all carried out in a timely, practical manner, but with care and sensitivity knowing that this must have been a difficult process.

Phase 2:  we worked closely with our clients’ chosen family member to sort through the remaining possessions in the family home, and help prepare these either for donation, valuation, disposal or for keeping, liaising closely with other service providers throughout this process.  We arranged for our clients to visit their property and accompanied them on their final walk-through for ultimate decision-making before their possessions were removed, and ensured this was a calm and relaxed experience bearing all sensitivities in mind. 

Phase 3:  We were then re-hired to assist with moving our clients within the Senior Living home due to their change in circumstances, and ensuring their new rooms were appropriately arranged and homely.  We carried this out over the period of one day to ensure any stress was minimised as much as possible.

The result:

Our clients are now happily settled in their new rooms surrounded by everything they wished to keep.

case study 5

The Scenario:

Having helped our client move from her home into care due to her full nursing care requirements only 12 months previously, we had the pleasure of later moving her FROM the care home TO her own detached home within a thriving retirement village.  Having moved into the care home, her health had improved such that she felt able to move into her own home, and she called upon Moving On to co-ordinate her move yet again.


Our approach:

We were able to help with drawing up inventory lists of her furniture (which we had previously organised to be kept in storage), space planning, organising full decoration of her new home, organising removal/packing services from the care home and from storage and help with utility set-ups.  We also organised a full un-pack & settling in service enabling her new home to be up, running and looking perfect within just 2 days - pictures hung, all boxes unpacked and change of address cards organised.


The result:

Although initially this seemed overwhelming for our client, we were able to alleviate the stress by taking full control of the project management of her move, enabling her to be involved at key decision-making points