Senior support

Moving home can be stressful, time-consuming and complicated for anyone, at any age.  As we age, our ability to cope with such a huge task can sometimes decrease, and is perhaps made worse by physical or mental limitations.   

Not only do you have the usual tasks of co-ordinating estate agents, removals, packers, utility changes, change of address notifications etc, but there might also be other practicalities to consider such as sorting through years of possessions and deciding what to do with those you no longer have room for.  


There may also be other emotional factors to consider - the move might be a forced one due to illness, bereavement or other crisis; there may be reluctance to leave the family home of many years together with all the attached memories. 

Of course, a move can also signify the start of a new lifestyle which has been carefully planned, and may be exciting.


We understand that each situation will be different – you may be moving some distance away to be closer to family, you may be moving from a house to a small retirement flat or into a care home.  That’s why we offer a breadth of services which can be cherry-picked according to individual needs:

  • de-cluttering (sorting through possessions, making arrangements for unwanted items, etc)
  • advising on 'staging' a home prior to sale
  • finding suitable estate agents
  • co-ordinating decorators
  • co-ordinating removals company
  • co-ordinating packing up of current home
  • un-packing at your new home & settling you in (setting up kitchens & bathrooms, making beds)
  • co-ordinating address change notifications
  • supporting individuals during the move day (arranging travel etc)
  • research of new area/compilation of 'Information Pack'
  • advising on space-planning

We can ease this whole process by addressing all the tasks which need to be carried out and co-ordinating all or part of your move.  We will discuss your requirements with you and put together a plan to ensure this is carried out in good time, relieving you of the stress and time involved.  We can also work with your family members if appropriate.

At Moving On, our priority is to offer a practical and professional approach to any move, together with support for those that need it. 


NB:  We do not offer specific advice or help with regard to the provision of nursing or other related home-care services for older adults, but we'll always be happy to assist you by pointing you in the right direction.